Your child is supposed to get one of the best tuition/coaching institutions where each child flowers to their potential and is handled with a lot of care and attention.

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Best tuition centre in Bangalore

Note from mentor

Anxiety, humiliation , fear and stress leads to adrenaline production in the body which is highly toxic.

To nullify the toxicity , the body releases packets of glucose. This is called neoglucogenesis.

This is the cause of early diabetes .

What is the use of high marks and stressful academics when your child is getting into lifestyle health diseases which can completely harm the future.

Hence we are totally against these activities.

A Balanced Student Pupil Ratio for a Truly Inclusive Education System

One of the best rated OFFLINE/HYBRID/ONLINE tuition classes for Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) and Maths for classes 8, 9, 10 & 10+2 based out of Bengaluru. We remain one of the most classy, reputed coaching centers for ICSE, CBSE & IGCSE Boards.

Your Child's Academic Progress is now Our Responsibility

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Explaining Our Vision

Break the status quo and make children learn with empathy. Children are delicate, extremely vulnerable and immature, sometimes very confused. Hence they need to be handled very carefully with a  lot of compassion and love. Age old idea of strict punishment, humiliation breaks the self confidence of the child permanently. This also harms them in future. We are totally against any such activities.

Best coaching centre in Bangalore

How do we differ?

Lets Learn
Other Tuitions

We ensure no child is a back bencher & all are given equal attention in every class.

Personal touch with each student

Challenge is to reach every student to the top position from their present performance

We try (as much as possible) to go in sync with the schools. This eases pressure on students

Lots of preventive measures like student counseling, giving extra time & effort to help the child

Specific individual understanding is ensured

Lets Learn believe in having time for students

Only the good students are focused after a few months. Others either sit at the back or complete the class to kill time.

Mechanical pattern behaviour, no individual focus

Admissions are taken on marks so that effort is less and their brand name is enhanced

Students are unable to copeup with school and coaching class studies, each going in different directions

No measures are taken to prevent students from fetching bad marks

General class with general understanding

Last-minute queries are usually not entertained during non-class hour

Best tuition center in Bangalore

Explaining Our Mission

Our years of experience in handling children has helped us find that anxiety and stress in children lead to irrational behavior, take drastic decisions, and at times mental health problems too. This affects their performance in exams. So we take care of each aspect of every child. It is way beyond just studies in boring mundane atmosphere. We practice interactive method of
teaching, so that children learn positively.

Our Teaching Methodology

Sanjukta Ray
Sanjukta Ray
The student has shown marked improvement in all the three subjects. He is now taking keen interest in attending the online classes. As a parent it is very satisfying to see your son enjoying learning the subjects. Thank you Sangeeta Ma'am.
Leela Nanjundaiah
Leela Nanjundaiah
Taking lessons with Let's Learn Academy, Bangalore was the best..Sangeetha Ma'am is encouraging..doubt solving and made lessons on-point and easy! I really enjoyed learning Math with Sangeetha Ma'am Thank you Ma'am! - Aathreyi
If you want to learn Maths with fun, then you must visit Let's Learn Academy. Sangeeta Ma'am is like family Maths teacher for our family as my elder brother study's there !!!!! I had a hard time with my mathematics (Algebra) lessons. Had you not taken out time and helped me. Thank you for being an incredible teacher.
Arindam Dubey
Arindam Dubey
Sangeeta accesses and baselines the capability of each student, identifies individual strengths and areas of development and channelize her focus to uplift every student to demonstrate their best. She takes a holistic approach to the overall development of every child and nurtures individual talent beyond acamedics as well. Builds in lot of confidence in each individual and makes learning interactive, enjoyable. Makes every effort to drive away any fear or phobia if any in any child. Let's Learning Academy with Sangeeta and her team of highly dedicated and accomplished teachers makes it the right place for tasting the Fun of Learning in the true sense.
Balaji S
Balaji S
anshula gambhir
anshula gambhir
Arya Vardhan Singh
Arya Vardhan Singh
Sangeeta is most dedicated and versatile science enthusiast that I have ever known, great teacher and lovely human being
rebu danny
rebu danny
The teaching of Sangeeta Madam is excellent especially for Physics...my kid really likes her mode of teaching through various videos, experiments.She revises the subjects very meticulously and put in efforts on student to understand concept not only for marks but long term understanding ..Great teaching.
sanjeevani bardhan
sanjeevani bardhan
I have truly enjoyed learning from Let's Learn, it gave me an exposure in Science and Maths that I didn't expect. The teachers use their creativity and experience to keep the classes engaged and allow students to take their time in understanding.
Oindrila Dey
Oindrila Dey
Let's Learn Academy is the best place you can put your kids to apart from school education. Sangeeta Ma'am takes care of the children individually and also ensures that the kid is ready for all the exams. She takes extra effort on kids who need more support in their work. By far the best I have come accross.
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Meet Our Lead Instructors

Our compassionate team of teachers comes with immense knowledge and experience in the education industry and undergoes yearly training in advanced concepts.

Priyanka Ma'am

Years of experience: 24 

Junior section


Sudha Ma'am

 Years of experience: 10

Hindi & Bengali 


Kaushik Sir

Years of experience: 25

Maths & Science

9th std to 12th std maths teacher of ICSE and CBSE board

Kavin Sir

Experience: 25 years

Maths & Science


Sanghamitra Ma'am

 Years of experience: 8

English & History


Aji Velayudhan Sir

Years of experience: 5


8th std to 10th std of CBSE & ICSE

Lets Learn Academy

Education is about empowerment, about motivating a human being to the highest possible potential, a tool for fulfillment the immensity of being. 

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 Bengaluru, Karnataka 560097

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